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Iberá Natural Reserve, or "Bright Water" in Guarani language, is a fantastic place located in the heart of Corrientes province.

Former beds of the Paraná river created a complex network of wetlands made up of swamplands, estuaries, lakes, mass of floating water weeds and rain-origin courses. With an extension of 1,400,00 hectares, Esteros del Iberá is the second wetland of South America and one of the main reserves of drinking water in the World.

Esteros del Iberá Natural Reserve hosts more than 500 species of vertebrates and over 4,000 species of native plants. Beyond the high biological diversity it preserves, the high densities and docile nature of mammals, birds and reptiles is what catch visitors' attention.

Our flora is very rich in native trees such as the prosopis affinis, tabebuia, butia yatay, jacaranda, orchidaceae and pasiflora edulis. There are two types of aquatic plants: those coming from the bottom making scrublands, and floating formations.

Victoria cruzianas, water hyacinths, water lilies, iris, eichhornia crassipes and poppies are some of the aquatic species which are typical of the Esteros and they also play a fundamental role in the ecosystem.

The fauna in the reserve is rich and includes a wide variety of species living in their natural habitat: caimans, capybaras, black howlers, marsh deer, maned wolves, lobitos de río, among others. There are hundreds of birds: about 350 species, among which we can mention: cocoi herons, white storks, neotropic cormorants, etc. The large number of specimen and colours immediately attract visitors' attention; it is a pleasure to watch them as well as listen to them.

Colonia Carlos Pellegrini is a quite and small town with sand roads and lots of vegetation. To walk throughout the town is like going back in time and nowadays, it is the entrance to the marshes.