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Fauna and Flora Watching

Tours by boat

Departure from the dock of the Inn, through Laguna Iberá towards 2 waterways: one located at the southwest and the other one at the southeast. The idea is going all over the place silently in the sectors where it is possible to do it; and where the depth does not allow this kind of navigation, the vessel has an outboard motor which may be regulated in order to be able to listen to the sounds of the environment. All along these waterways, it is possible to watch, and really closely, the two species of caimans of South America: the "caiman yacare" and the "broad-snouted caiman"; the biggest rodent in the world known as "capybara"; the largest native deer of Argentina known as the "marsh deer"; the otter known as "lobito de río"; more than 200 species of birds (among them: wattled jacanas; cocoi herons; white-necked herons; common gallinules; purple gallinules; southern screamers; shiny cowbirds; unicolour blackbirds; screaming cowbirds; spinetails; thornbirds; ringed, amazon and green kingfishers; southern crested caracaras; snails; great black hawks; rufous-sided crakes, anhingas, cormorants, striated herons, etc.) and its flora, mainly represented by the family of Common Water Hyacinths with an important variety of species.

Duration: Tours last approximately 3 hours, depending on the visitors.

Overnight navigations are offered at any time of the year depending on weather conditions and the authorization of the control authority of the reserve. Currently, they are offered on Saturdays.

Duration: The overnight navigation lasts 1:30 to 2 hours.